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Honoring Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character

The National Honor Society was established in 1921 to recognize outstanding high school students. Membership in the National Honor Society is a privilege, and not solely an academic award. Candidates must meet the criteria established by the NHS, which specify that the student must demonstrate distinction in scholarship, character, service and leadership. Our program provides rich opportunities to inspire students to excel in each of these four areas, and we abide by both the letter and the spirit of the NHS Guidelines in the selection of students for induction into the National Honor Society.
Kosloff Torah Academy’s chapter of the National Honor Society is named “Torah Im Derech Eretz” (TIDE). To qualify for admission to the National Honor Society, the student’s grade point average for the semester must be 3.7 (A-) or higher. In addition, the student must have a grade of 85 or higher in every class. The student must also have fulfilled her chesed requirement for the semester. A record of serious disciplinary infractions, including disrespectful behavior to a teacher, will disqualify a candidate. A record of excessive unexcused absences from school or frequent late arrival to class is also disqualifying. Like other chapters of the National Honor Society across the United States, TIDE recognizes outstanding achievement and challenges students to develop further through leadership in school and service to the community.